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About Erin

Erin Michelle Mobley was a bubbly two and a half year old little girl who always wore a smile on her face, warmed the hearts of those she touched, and with a bat of her big brown eyes could charm her way into your life. She had an older brother whom she adored and two very good friends who taught her how to catch lizards and climb trees, not exactly what her mommy had in mind but she was full of love and life and that was important too!

Erin was two and a half when she was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer tumor called neuroblastoma. Such a BIG word for a LITTLE girl but Erin’s vocabulary quickly grew as she learned to pronounce words like chemotherapy and medications like cytoxan and adriamycin. As trips to the hospital and clinic became a weekly event, her little world changed so quickly as did her family life too!

She endured numerous surgeries and frightening cancer treatments, but Erin rarely cried or complained. Instead she bravely faced each new challenge and won the hearts of all that she met.

The little girl who always smiled and giggled and wore pretty bows in her once curly brown hair lost her battle to cancer following an unsuccessful bone marrow transplant in 1983, ten days shy of her fourth birthday.

Erin’s inspiration and wisdom did not cease to exist when she was laid to rest, understanding what families faced and the reality of dealing with a terminally ill child, Erin became a guiding light to her mother.

Twenty years later, a mother’s pain of losing a child still exists but on Erin’s Wings there is new hope for children today through the efforts of Candlelighters of Southwest Florida, a local charity her mommy started in 1983 to help kids just like Erin and their brothers and sisters too!

It is my hope in the spirit of giving that Erin’s Wings will continue to light our way … your generous gift is greatly appreciated.